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We understand that lockouts are unpredictable events that tend to happen at the most inconvenient time.

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Broken or Lost keys? Or need new or spare copies of your house keys? We provide key cutting service for residential needs.

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What Can We Help You With

The top Boerne Locksmith knows what to do just that and how to maneuver through that tiny keyhole.  However, there are more locks that the Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio can help you with. We list down some of them.

  1. The lock-in your front door. The most obvious need for a locksmith is when you get locked out of your house. It might be because you forgot your keys, you lost them (worse, you were robbed), or simply because your keys won’t turn. This is the number one reason why people call on locksmiths. So, don’t be afraid to call on your Locksmith Boerne if ever you got locked out. This is the primary reason why people call on their locksmiths. Also, be not afraid If you have to call on your locksmith in just a short period of time.
  2. The car keys won’t work. Losing their car keys is a common mishap that can happen to the best of us. So, with that, bear in mind that, it is great to have duplicates, either in your home or just in your bag. Another thing is that car keys might suffer from wear, so there is always a great reason why you need to call on the locksmith. Another great alternative to car keys that locksmith endorses is the remote car key. It is a simple push-button remote control for opening and closing your car doors.
  3. Key cutting. A locksmith can cut any type of lock, ranging from the garage door to the back door, cabinet lock to padlocks. Should you need an extra set of keys for that door, window r vehicle. It is great to call on that locksmith. If ever you need a duplicate or someone to open that magical door, you know who to call.
  4. Key duplication. Only the best Boerne Locksmith knows how to duplicate your keys correctly. They know how to cut on the correct blank key plus they can take over the calibration of the key cutting machine occasionally whether it be electronic or mechanical. Locksmiths will check over or hand finish the key so as to guarantee that there are no sharp edges and that the keys are in good working condition. The locksmith makes sure that there are no scores or imperfections in the duplicate lock so that it will not be left inside the lock.  If ever this happens, this might lead to a potential lockout catastrophe. So, know that a top locksmith knows that there is more that goes inside the lock.

Tips and More For Your Home

Apart from these reasons you might need, we give you an even more insightful view from Locksmith Boerne. These are some tips that you can learn from.

Make sure that your deadbolt is properly installed. Deadbolts are the best locks in the world, most especially if they have been put there with care. These deadbolts can protect you. However, do note the position and type of your deadbolt. If your deadbolt is near a window, the burglar can easily knock out the glass, stick his hand in inside your house, and turn a thumb-turn deadbolt with ease. This is why Immediate Response Locksmith San Antonio recommends getting a double cylinder lock that needs a key to be opened even on the inside.

New Houses Should Have Locks Re-keyed

 If you buy a new house from either an old tenant or the contractor, it is always best to have the whole-house rekeyed as the person who you bought the house from might have a master key that can easily open your house. This is of course for your own safety, plus the security of your things that you might leave behind once you are outside of your house. Nobody wants to be robbed, especially by someone who you did trust to sell you a house.

Never believe a car dealer who says that he is the only one capable of duplicating your keys.  There are locksmiths who specialize in automotive work who can duplicate your keys at a much cheaper price. Plus, if you do get locked out of the car, who will you call? Of course your trusty locksmith, that’s who.

Locked Safe Tricks Can Really Help You

Most people buy locked safes from flea markets, estate sales, or auctions wondering what great treasure that safe has. However, most locked safe are worth plus the amount it will cost you to have it opened will run a bill. If you do have a safe, never spin the dial too fast. Never try to open before it is licked, and never forced to close it. If ever you do encounter the latter, it is because of a problem. Another thing to note is that most cheap locks from big box stores can be easily opened as these are mass-produced by manufacturers to a very low standard. It is advisable to look for at least a grade 2 lock

Everyone may be locked out of their own house. There is no exception to this instance, however, most lockouts are often because of soon to divorce couples. Better talk to your better half, before anyone of you has the house re-keyed, as the need for a locksmith might be more than once. Also, do not be afraid if you happen to lock yourself in a short span of time. There are cases wherein a guy locks himself three times in one day.

Key turning trick. If your key would not turn on the keyhole, try on some WD-40 or silicone spray.  This is because sometimes the pins get congested and having these in hand will solve the problem.

There, we hope that you have learned something about your professional locksmith. Don’t be afraid to call us up, if ever you might need any of our services.

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